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Citizens' Assembly looks set for Northern Ireland

BBC, 19 Jan 2018

Digital democracy would be good, but it's not enough

"It's time to drag our democracy into the 21st century" Sadiq Khan

Yes, OK, but this is still just imagining using 21st century technology to elect representatives once every 5 years in an antiquated system.

It's not just time to for digital democracy, it's time for digital direct democracy.


Digital Warfare - Perverting The Course Of Democracy

If you were going to sway the electorate to vote the way you wanted what would it take?

Well, time, effort and money. Getting your supporters to contact potential voters, present your case and encourage them to make the effort to get out and vote. All well and good, no problem there.

But times are changing. There are many new ways to identify the undecided voters, get an appropriate message to them and nudge them in the right direction. Nothing much wrong with that.

However, here's the kicker. In an online world, our interests and prederences are being hoovered up to build a profile of us in a way we can barely begin to imagine. This is sold to anyone who can use it to their advantage - primarily advertisers with a product to sell. Most of us don't like it, but we click on "agree" without even reading the terms on which we give up the details of our online activities.

But it's not just commercial organisations selling us things that have an interest in our profile. There are companies who analyse this big data and sell it to the billionaire backers of political parties. Such as Robert Mercer who directed his data analytics firm in which he has a major share to support the Leave campaign. A company "with 25 years experience of military disinformation and election management."

Swing voters are "nudged" in a direction using their psychomtric profile to influence referendums and elections.

This is not legitimate face to face political debate but digital warfare on the electorate.

It amounts to perverting the course of democracy and must be stopped.

Digital Democracy

Elected politicians will never advocate Direct Democracy or allocate resources to it. That would be a perfect example of turkeys voting for Christmas. 

Rather our taxes are spent on supporting the institutions which make up the status quo. Like the £4bn renovation of the Palace of Westminster.

How much more cheaply could we do things directly, online?

Democracy is in Danger

Billionaire Robert Mercer has a major stake in a British company with 25 years’ experience in military disinformation campaigns and “election management”. The longstanding friendship between Nigel Farage and the Mercer family led Mercer to offer his help – free – to the Brexit campaign because of their shared goals.

Revealed: how US billionaire helped to back Brexit

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