Quick Posts

Quick Posts are simple points, like tweets. All comments are posted anonymously, so that each point can be judged on its merits and not by who posted it.


Without focus, it's difficult to achieve anything. Chase two monkeys and they both get away. That's why when it comes to decision making we first of all vote for the issue that we'll all focus our attention on.


"Discussions" are simply a collection of tagged posts. Posts are not sequential but add up to an understanding of a topic. You may provide alternative facts (not "falsehoods") to counter any post, but these are not linked to the original post. Each post is judged separately on its merit.

Discussions precede any proposals for action on an issue.


Proposals are a set of posts consisting of facts, opinions and calls to action. Group members can submit proposals and the most popular proposal is selected by a number of rounds of voting.

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