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A topic for discussion is an anonymous decision making platform for groups

Anonymity on the internet can have its problems, but anonymity does have its place.

Think about this:

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Lady Justice Lady Justice makes her judgements based on the evidence she hears, not on whether she sees a prince or a pauper in front of her.
Secret Ballots

Anonymity is important because

  • The “truth” should not depend upon who says it.
  • Facts and opinions should be allowed to speak for themselves and should not carry more or less weight depending upon a person’s wealth, power, status or social standing.
  • There should be no consequences for daring to speak the truth, nor favouritism for bending the truth in favour of those with power and influence.
  • Facing up to the truth can be difficult. Anonymity allows everyone to express themselves honestly and to disagree without fear and agree without favour.
Threatened to vote the right way
Emperor's Clothes

Flattering the leader can lead to personal favour, but in the long run, leads to the disempowerment of everybody. privacy policy

Personal data is stored for identification purposes only - for example your name, email address, and location.


Coookies are used for identification purposes only.

Other cookies relate to user embedded content such as youtube videos over which has no control.


Your browsing history is never collected and so is neither stored, nor passed on to any third party, for any reason, ever.

Voting Record

Your voting record is held in a database. If you anonymise your vote, it cannot be changed and you cannot vote again. How you vote is never revealed to others.

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